3rd August 2016

ICU Worlds 2017

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We have received the following preliminary information from the International Cheerleading Union about ICU Worlds and ICU Junior Worlds in April 2017 in Florida.

Wednesday 26 April 2017 (1 venue)

  • ICU Junior World Championships & Awards
  • ICU World Championship Opening Ceremonies
  • ICU Athlete Cultural Exchange & VIP Reception

Thursday 27 April 2017 (2 venues)

  • ICU World Championships Semi-Finals
  • ICU World Championships ParaCheer Finals & Awards

Friday 28 April 2017 (1 venue)

  • ICU World Championships Finals & Awards
  • ICU World Championships Closing Ceremonies
  • ICU Closing VIP Reception

The ICU Junior Worlds is new in 2017. SportCheerGB decided that we were not in a position to select any national teams from UK nations for the competition in 2017. There is not sufficient time either for fair and open selection processes or for teams to prepare, especially as the standard required is at least equivalent to USASF/IASF level 4.

We do plan to be represented at ICU Junior Worlds in 2018. The process through which existing junior teams will be qualified and selected to become Team England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland will be published as soon as possible and is likely to include the team’s performance at large scale competitions as well as an independent evaluation of all teams who wish to be considered.

Selection processes for teams at ICU Worlds in 2017 have been planned and are beginning now. In 2017 there will be two rounds in most divisions at ICU Worlds, with teams having to qualify in the semi-final round before competing in the final.

2017 ICU Junior World Championships
(All divisions- ages 12-16 in the year of the competition)

      Pom Doubles
      Hip Hop Doubles
      Team High Kick (Pending)
      Team Hip Hop
      Team Freestyle Pom
      All Girl Advanced/L4  ..or
      All Girl Elite/L5
      Coed Advanced/L4  ..or
      Coed Elite/L5

2017 ICU World Championships (All divisions – ages same as in 2016)

      Pom DoublesHip Hop Doubles
      Team High Kick (Pending)
      Team ParaCheer Freestyle Pom
      Team Hip Hop
      Team Freestyle Pom
      Team ParaCheer Advanced/L4
      All Girl Elite/L5  ..or
      All Girl Premier/L6
      Coed Elite/L5  ..or
      Coed Premier/L6

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